Swim Lesson Videos

Swim Lesson Videos

To view our swim lesson videos click on images below.

Mostly water splashing audio in high echo swimming pool, CC not needed.

Pop in the water practice with two young swimmers and their swim teachers

Pop in the water practice with a young swimmer and his swim teacher

Boy returning to wall swimming with his teacher watching and helping

Boy returning to wall wuth teacher there.

Big Arms swimming to the wall

Back Float during swim classes

Baby & Me Classes number 6

Baby & Me Classes number 5

Baby & Me Classes number 4

Baby & Me Classes number 3

Baby & Me Classes number 2

2 kids return to wall with help from their swim teachers.

2 year old Eaton gets swimming lessons at Saf-T-Swim-part3

2 year old Eaton gets swimming lessons at Saf-T-Swim-part2

2 year old Eaton gets swimming lessons at Saf-T-Swim-part1

2 Year old McKenna with swim Teacher Bobby at Riverhead San-T-Swim-part1

2 Year old McKenna with swim Teacher Bobby at San-T-Swim - part2

2 year old Mason with Teacher Jimmy

This amazing 24 month old swims so easily.

Watch this child learning kicks on back.

Baby learning how to float on her back.

Watch these amazing baby girls swim through hula hoop to Mommy.

Watch this amazing 6 month old baby natural underwater instincts.

Watch this cutie doing a pop-in.

Look at this baby swim right to her teacher.

Watch what this child can do with encouragement from his loving teacher.

This 2 year old jumps in and gets back to wall on her own.

Watch this 2 year old jump in and swim to ladder on her own.

A 4 year old doing an elementary back-stroke.

See how this 4yr old swims all the way across pool.

Just some of our swim team kids warming up for practice.

3 year old swimming then turning on his back across pool.

Watch this 6 year old working on Butterfly swim technique !!

This 8 month old goes underwater with no problem.

Eager young boy jumps in and does backstroke to ladder.

Young boy jumps in and swims to ladder, no problem.




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