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Here is the most Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs that come to us from our customers. If your question or questions are not answered here please send us an email and we will get back to you with an answer as fast as possible. Click here to contact Saf-T-Swim.


What is a session, how many lessons?

Each session is six (6) half (½) hour classes.


Why isn’t my time held for me in the future?

Times are on a 1st come, 1st served basis. While we make every effort to remind you it is time to re-register, it is ultimately your responsibility to secure your spots well in advance to avoid losing them.


How do I do a make-up?

You will have 6 months to use your make-up(s). When you cancel your lesson, your spot becomes available for any other student to book one of their make-ups. You, in turn, will do the same. Make-ups do NOT have to be completed with your child’s teacher. In fact, we highly recommend you try other teachers. This allows the possibility of developing a relationship with a different teacher, while benefiting from his/her style and techniques. Make-ups are the customer’s responsibility, so try to book sooner rather than later, to keep within the 6 month period. The more proactive you are, the easier it will be to use your make-ups.


Can I cancel a class?  What happens if I miss a class?

Yes, you can cancel a class. Make-ups are granted no matter what the reason, as long as you cancel by 9am the morning of your class. Make-ups are good for 6 months.


When do I re-register for more lessons?

Re-register as soon as possible! It is even recommended that re-registering should be done after the 1st or 2nd class. Keep in mind that we have a 1st come, 1st served registration policy; so, in order to help secure your day and time, it is important to be aware of your own future schedule. Most of our students swim year-round.


Why should my child swim year-round?

Swimming is an important lifesaving trained skill and the best way to protect your child from the very real dangers pools and any open body of water can present. Year-round swimming benefits your child by building muscle, aiding coordination, and developing and retaining lifesaving water safety skills.


Does my child need a swim diaper? What is the swim diaper policy?

In an effort to keep our pools safe and sanitary, all children under the age of 4 must have 2 cloth reusable swim diapers or a combination of a cloth swim diaper along with trunks or a bathing suit with the swim diaper built-in. Even if potty-trained, accidents can happen. Disposable swim diapers are not permitted.


Will I have the same teacher every time?

We will make every effort to maintain consistency with your child’s teacher. However, scheduling conflicts or illnesses do sometimes occur and you may be given a substitute teacher. By working with your child, the substitute can give you a fresh prospective of your child’s progress.


If my child cries, doesn’t want to go in the pool without me, or is afraid – should I still attend?

Please remember that this is a new experience and it will take some time for your child to adjust. Saf-T-Swim and you, as the parent, must become partners, with a mutual goal to get your child to become comfortable and responsive to the water in a positive way. Even if your child is crying, keep in mind that they will still be learning. Similar to learning your ABC’s and 1,2,3’s, learning to swim takes patterning and repetition. Our teachers are trained to work through the tears while making each lesson both fun and productive.


How long is each lesson? How often should my child attend?

Each lesson is ½ hour long and students usually attend 1-2 times per week.


If you have any other questions, please ask one of our Saf-T-Swim team members.
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