The World’s Largest Swim Lesson 2017!

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FCA Selects Saf-T-Swim as its April Hero of the Month

MINEOLA, NEW YORK, May 18, 2018 – Long Island organization Saf-T-Swim has been named Family & Children’s Association (FCA)’s “Hero of the Month” for April. With multiple locations in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, the year-round swim school is a leader in water safety education, dedicated to teaching people lifelong swimming skills and how to love and respect the water.

Children attending FCA’s Lynn Vanderhall Nursery Co-Op were selected to take part in an 18-week pilot program launched to enhance awareness and funding for swim education and water safety initiatives. The program, a collaborative effort between Saf-T-Swim, Inc., Horizon Media, Real Change Productions and the Marcie Mazzola Foundation, aims to provide vital water safety skills at no cost to children in low income or single parent families. FCA was recommended for the program by Nancy Mazzola, President/CEO, Marcie Mazzola Foundation. (Pictured L to R): Don Holden, Chief Development Officer, FCA; Danielle Hazen, Marketing Director, Saf-T-Swim; Roseann Sagginario, Broadcast Group Manager, Horizon Media and Ambassador and Water Safety Advocate for 13 Strong and partner, Real Change Productions; Jim Hazen, Owner/CEO, Saf-T Swim.

Currently, 15 students from the Nursery Co-Op (ages 2 ½ to 13) attend the program on Tuesday evenings, taking part in 90-minute individual and group swim lessons at Saf-T-Swim’s Westbury location. Classes are structured according to children’s ages and swimming ability.

Fundraising efforts for the program were led by Roseann Sagginario, Broadcast Group Manager, Horizon Media, and Ambassador and Water Safety Advocate for 13 Strong and partner, Real Change Productions. “I was inspired by my sons’ love of the water to create the 13 Strong ‘Swim-Tips’ Initiative to build awareness about the importance of water safety for our children in the US,” Sagginario said.
Jim Hazen, Owner/CEO Saf-T-Swim, explained, “In our programs, we begin educating children at two or three months old since they haven’t been conditioned to fear water yet.” With backyard pool drowning ranking as the second leading cause of death of children under the age of 5, teaching water safety skills is essential. “It’s vital to teach kids how to stay calm and paddle over to the side or even turn over and float on their back if they fall in the water,” Hazen said.
According to Ana Castillo, Nursery Coordinator of the Lynn Vanderhall Nursery Co-Op, children are learning fast and regularly receive rewards for their achievements. Families are equally pleased. “The parents are so excited and tell us how much their kids love coming to the swimming lessons, and that they keep asking for Tuesday to come,” Castillo said. “Parents are also very thankful to the trainers because they are doing a really good job teaching their children, and they have been very patient with them.”

Don Holden, Chief Development Officer at FCA, who presented April’s “Hero of the Month” award to Danielle and Jim Hazen of Saf-T Swim, said, “The kids are having a ball and learning vital skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. We can’t thank Jim, Danielle and Roseann enough for all they are doing to further the mission of FCA.”

About Family & Children’s Association (FCA)
FCA is a not-for-profit agency helping more than 30,000 Long Islanders each year. For more than 130 years, the organization has worked to protect and strengthen vulnerable children, seniors, families and communities on Long Island.
Through an integrated network of services and counseling, FCA provides help and hope to under-served and disadvantaged individuals struggling to build better lives. The agency offers Addiction Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Services, Family Education & Support, Children’s Mental Health Services, Adult & Senior Services and Residential Care Programs.
FCA has been nationally recognized as a model of excellence, fiscally sound, well-managed and possessing an impeccable reputation in providing community-based social services. The agency embraces more than 200 individual volunteers, corporate groups, community groups and sponsors who join together to be part of something bigger than them.
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About Saf-T-Swim
Saf-T-Swim is a year round swim school dedicated to teaching people how to love and respect the water. Its many facilities on Long Island offer unique and fun programs for all ages, from infants to seniors. Saf-T-Swim is committed to providing every student with a safe, attentive, fun environment to learn lifelong swimming skills. Many students begin as infants and continue to attend Saf-T-Swim for many years, working their way through the organization’s various swim levels and programs.

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Give Your Infant a Life Saving Edge

According to a study conducted by Griffith University children who learn how to swim before the age of five not only learn a life-saving skill, they also excel physically and cognitively over their peers. It is common knowledge that teaching children to swim can save their lives. However, the question for many parents is: at what age should I enroll my child into swimming lessons? The answer is simple – when he or she is still an infant! Yes, you read that correctly. While this might seem crazy to some, at Saf-T-Swim it is seen as one of the best decisions a parent can make. We know that enrolling infants, as early as two months old, into swimming lessons can not only save their lives, it can make them smarter.
While they might not be able to “swim” right away, they will learn to grab hold of and hang onto the side of the pool. This act alone decreases their chances of death by drowning. At Saf-T-Swim, this is one of the first lessons infants learn. This lesson not only teaches infants how to instinctively save themselves from potentially drowning, it also gives them a physical edge. Why? Because they have to hold themselves up on the edge of a swimming pool, this takes strength and the more they practice this, the stronger they get.As they learn more and more about the fundamentals of swimming, they not only get stronger, they get smarter. In fact, infants who learn how to swim tend to be ahead of their peers in the same age range by six to ten months.

In addition, infants that learn to swim develop a fondness for a fun exercise routine. With so many pros for having your baby learn how to swim, why haven’t you enrolled them yet?
April 1, 2018

Birthday Party Point of View from Our Guest

Pool Party in December

That’s unusual I thought when my son first received an invitation to a pool party in December.  What was even curious was that it was to Safe-T-Swim in Bellmore.  I usually associate Safe-T-Swim with swimming lessons, not pool parties, but aside from this personal association I RSVP’d my son for the party.  My son, who is part fish, was so excited that he was going to a pool party in the winter.  The day of the party couldn’t come fast enough.
When the day of the party finally arrived, my son started counting down the hours, minutes and approximate seconds to party time.  Since the invitation didn’t mention if the parents were required to participate in the pool portion of the party, I erred on the side of caution and chose not to bring a bathing suit for myself.  My son, on the other hand wanted to wear his bathing suit on the way to the party (since it was December in NY, I didn’t allow him to).  He wasn’t happy with this, but he lived.

When we arrived we were informed that the kids could change in the locker rooms.  (Whew, I was not required to wear a bathing suit).  Once the kids were changed they went directly to the pool area which was nice and heated.  I was glad when the party hosts told us that we could hang out in the party room and watch the kids from the window.  This was a nice way to observe my son without having to figure out which direction he went and with whom.  My son loved the time in the pool so much he didn’t want to get out, but like they say, all good things must come to an end.

As the kids enjoyed pizza and cake I reflected on the many places I’ve held my son’s birthday parties at and realized I’ve never considered a pool party for him, because honestly you don’t have January pool parties in New York.  However, now that you can have your child’s birthday party at Safe-T-Swim, I might consider a pool party for his next birthday.

Saf-T-Swim and Adventureland

Adventureland and Saf-T-Swim have many things in common; both are Long Island family-owned and operated, both have decades of experience in their industries, and both are focused on providing safe family fun for local families.
Adventureland is proud to be called “the hidden gem” of Long Island, in that they can create a destination experience for their guests in the heart of an industrial hub. The emphasis on family is felt throughout the mid-sized amusement park, from the free admission policy that beckons families to bring grandparents and extended family to join in on the fun, to the increase in family rides in the ride line-up each season. Adventureland brings the best and safest rides in the industry to Long Island, allowing guests to get that theme-park experience, close to home.
Saf-T-Swim is dedicated to teaching children and families how to love and respect the water. The passion they have for making sure students learn how to be safe while having fun in the watertruly makes them the best place for families. Their classes are full of information and fun; they are designed to develop strong and lasting relationships with the young and the young at heart that keep them coming back for more! Saf-T-Swim’s numerous locations throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties allow even more local families to experience and benefit from their classes.

Adventureland and Saf-T-Swim share a relationship that spans nearly 40 years; a relationship that is cemented in family fun. Throughout each season, the Saf-T-Swim team will visit Adventureland to inform patrons about the programs they offer and how crucial water safety is for people of all ages and abilities. Signs promoting water safety hang at Adventureland all season long, and rotate on the park’s marquis.

Saf-T-Swim participates in Adventureland’s annual bookend events, the Egg Scramble each spring and Pumpkin Park each fall. It is through these events that both Adventureland and Saf-T-Swim can reach so many people in the community. These free events represent the essence of family—they are an affordable and unique way to spend time together as a family, in a safe environment.

Adventureland also distributes “Water Safety; End Drowning Now” information booklets to guests as they park, so they can learn how to help themselves and their children be Water SMART (Safety Methods and Rescue Techniques). Adventureland has been a sponsor of this booklet for many years, as well as the Early Education Water Safety Programs Saf-T-Swim’s End Drowning Now organization, which are hosted at schools all over Long Island. These assemblies reach thousands of children annually, introducing them to safety habits that aim to reduce unintentional injury or drowning.

As Adventureland and Saf-T-Swim enter another year of partnership and friendship, they take pride in knowing that the commitment they share to serving the families of Long Island only grows stronger. Adventureland is excited to welcome Saf-T-Swim as their neighbor this year, as the grand opening of the Melville location of the swim school is set for this spring. With another year ahead, these iconic Long Island companies look forward to working together to provide safe family fun for everyone.

The World’s Largest Swim Lesson 2017!

Saf-T-Swim and Splish Splash Water Park did it again. We combined forces to teach a basic swim lesson to a big group of kids and parents. On June 22, 2017 a fresh Thursday morning is when it all happened. We got a bunch of swim teachers and a crowd of kids and their parents to form “The World’s Largest Swim Lesson”

Here we have Tina and Stephanie at the sign up desk early ready for the crowd to come.

Everyone in the water, lets get ready to learn to swim!

Here is a staff picture of teachers, trainers and officials… well done gang!

Little Liliana Swims

9 week old Liliana at Saf-T-Swim of Riverhead with swim teacher Brielle.

Carly is a Pro Swimmer Already! ;-)

Meet 8 month old Carly. She’s been swimming at Saf-T-Swim since she was 3 months old and is an absolute water bug!

One of the Winthrop Winners!

Here’s one of the Winthrop Fundraiser Winners James W., with his brand new TV shaking hands with Wendell!

Jelly Bean Artwork!!

Saf-T-Swim would like to thank the anonymous artist who left this incredible jelly bean artwork at our Levittown location. We love it! #MysteryArtist